35.00 USD

VIP Tier 2 

3 Month NON SUBCRIPTION to assist with server upkeep.

Some of the VIP features offered below;

1. Much larger backpack storage. 

(144 slots (3 pages) + keep backpack on death and wipe).

2. 25 teleport homes can be set.

3. Unlimited teleports including /town, /outpost, /quest and /bandit with 2 second countdown.

4. Instant crafting.

5. Access to Item auto repair tool.

6. Daily Tier 2 VIP kit available in-game.

7. In-game name tag | VIP |.

8. TP Marker - Click on the map, and you'll be teleported instantly.

9. Mini Helicopter with unlimited fuel, no cooldown.

10. Storage chest stacking 5 high.

11. Access to over 9500+ skins

12. Access to instant /recycle with no cooldown 

and much much more...

$7500 in-game gold coin!

Screen shot of current GOLD VIP kit - This packages is updated monthly


When purchasing this digital product, you will gain access to the VIP Rank for 90 days and will NOT automatically renew.

Please Note: We reserve the right to change this product at any point of time without notice.

By purchasing this item you agree that this is non-refundable.

This package will be activated within 1-5 mins of your purchase.